About us

Dāvis | CEO

Dāvis is a visionary who implements his ideas through the prism of 3D modeling and robotics knowledge.


Kārlis| CTO

Kārlis is the main product innovator of Happy Fish. As an environmental engineer, Kārlis is well acquainted with the problems caused by fat.


Pēteris | Head of Sales

Peteris is a one-man orchestra that is spearheading Happy Fish sales and also is responsible for marketing and PR activities.



Happy Fish was founded in 2020 by combining outstanding minds with long-term experience in environmental engineering, chemistry, robotics, and 3D modelling. In our pursuit of proactive and long-term solutions to clogged sewage pipes, we have developed a range of bio-based surfactants and offer a full service to match the problem at hand.

Our innovative product "Fat Manager" consists of a uniquely formulated cleaning agent and specially designed dispenser that will take care of your company’s sewage pipes and uninterrupted flow of your business processes.

We offer a full range of services, that includes delivery, installation, and maintenance. The "Fat Manager", developed by Happy Fish, will be your company's employee of the month, who will honourably perform his duties, taking care of the continuous operation of your company.