Construction of Happy Fish new production site is finished

Contruction of Happy Fish production plant is finished

The Latvian company Happy Fish has completed the construction work on the new plant that started last year. In addition to construction work, a lot of effort has been put into the installation of equipment and the automation of production processes.

Modern equipment from both foreign suppliers and local Latvian manufacturers has been installed in the company’s new production premises. For example, the company’s reactor with a capacity of one ton is built here in Latvia, which was manufactured by SIA “AISIS”. If necessary Happy Fish’s production capacity can reach 20 tons per month, which opens up opportunities to enter foreign markets.

Happy Fish currently manufactures a specialized cleaning product from bio-based ingredients for food processing and food production companies. The resulting solution proactively helps companies deal with grease clogging in sewer pipes. Future plans include the development of specialized bio-cleaners for other industries as well.

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