Fat Manager

The Fat Manager developed by Happy Fish is a unique and proactive grease cleanser developed and produced in Latvia. The innovative product will take care of your company’s sewage pipes and uninterrupted flow of your business processes.
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Order fat manager

Contact us and we will explain in detail the principles and long-term benefits of the Fat Manager.

Key benefits of a Fat Manager:

  • proactive solution to grease problems in the sewer system;
  • improved performance of the fat traps;
  • less pollution entering sewers;
  • full delivery, installation, and maintenance service;
  • environmentally friendly product.

Phone: +371 26166880

E-mail: peteris.tars@happyfish.bio

Fat Manager can be easily installed anywhere and does not take up much space.
Kanalizācijas aizsērēšana risinājums
Kanalizācijas aizsērēšana risinājums
Kanalizācijas aizsērēšana risinājums